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Soulversity Trainers

It's all about passionate and truthful sharing.

Who can be the chosen one?


Those seekers who have undergone the Meditation Teacher Training with Master Dev OM and are now ready to contribute to the spiritual community can be Soulversity Trainers.


Soulversity Trainers will be:


1. Meditation Masters trained under Master Dev OM.

2. Sharing and teaching their self-designed courses.

3. Using Soulversity as a platform to share their knowledge and courses.

4. Help those who are interested in meditation, mindfulness and spirituality.



What it means to be a Soulversity Trainers?

1.    You will pay Euro 120 per year to be listed as a Trainer. This is the basic cost:

a.    To ensure your sincerity about using the platform.

b.    To cover the expenses for creating your independent dashboard with your login id where you can create and edit your services and courses.

c.     To cover the expenses to make and publish your profile page on Soulversity Portal. It will be linked to the courses/sessions you will offer.

d.    To cover the technology expenses when you will offer free class or workshop and Soulversity will not get anything. You are allowed to offer unlimited free sessions/programs without paying any extra technology fee.

e.    To make and publish your profile page on Soulversity Portal. It will be linked to the courses/sessions you will offer. If you want an independent URL with then it would be Euro 200 per year. (Only few available)

f.      Upto 5 courses/services per Euro 120 batch will be allowed to give chance to everyone as a fair usage policy.


2.    You will get a Soulversity Trainer Logo to use wherever you want.


3.    You will be listed as Soulversity Trainer on Soulversity app and portal.


4.    You will get a Soulversity Trainer badge on your membership profile on Soulversity app and portal. 


Soulversity trainers can:

1.    Create/upload online pre-recorded courses

2.    Create booking for in-person events/courses

3.    Create online one-to-one sessions/ coaching programs

4.    Create booking for in-person one-to-one sessions/ coaching programs

5.    Offer unlimited free courses/sessions at no cost.

6.    Just pay a %age of paid signups as platform + marketing fee



Soulversity trainers will get:

1.    Access to global community of seekers who may be interested in joining their programs both online and in person.

2.    Will get a chance to introduce themselves in community events.

3.    Will get the benefit of the global common ad campaigns and digital marketing efforts.

4.    Will get access to high end, no fixed cost platform to offer their services including built in LMS, Video conferencing and content delivery system (a euro 1000+ value)

5.    Will get access to the database of their students and ability to broadcast messages to them.

6.    Will get access to trainer’s community, resources and exclusive trainer development and success programs. (a euro 1000+ value)

7.    Will get access to exclusive groups and forums connected with their programs which they can use to create their knowledge base and to communicate to their students. (a euro 500+ value).

8.   They will get the access to Soulversity campuses to offer their programs.



How can I earn as a Soulversity Trainer?

You will get the income opportunity to with this soul job from:


1.    Soulversity Trainer’s course fee upto 70%

2.    App Referral program earning.

3.    Up to 14% affiliate share earning.


How Much Soulversity Trainer Earn?

The expenses:

So we are trying to keep the platform availabel to everyone while trying to sustain in minimum possible so that we can share the most with our people :)

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