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Students' love for Soulversity

Gisele Rodrigues


Life changing experience. Meditation training course with Dev OM was one of the best choices of my life. I accessed many layers, a profound part of myself.
I believe in a meaningful life, I feel more prepared to understand my soul's needs, surrender and make my way.
Thank you, I’ll be back soon ✨

From Brazil!




Namaste beautiful soul! I've been developing the need to change in basically all areas of my life feeling that the way we’re being raised in Europe can’t be everything. So, I participated at the 200 hours Meditation course and as far as words can describe it, this transformation was the first one I’ve gone trough so far that has a deep and long-lasting effect. Life won’t be the same again. For each and every person, the transformation will be obviously different and I highly encourage you to do the course. Better even in India. Go with an open attitude, and let Master Dev OM do his Job. He’s unique in a sense of unconditional love, joy and rebelliousness, and in my opinion exactly the Master our younger generation needs to finally carry that love and light to the world! Namaste 🙏🏼

Isha Mishra


This Meditation Teacher training course was so powerful that completing it once was not justice to the course so I did it twice. Loved every bit of it. I feel Super Grateful to be part of this journey.


William Côté


such a great experience! I just finished my first meditation course online with dev Totally a life changing experience.

Dev's teaching show you how to live a life filled with joy, conciousness, simplicity and purity. It helps you reconnect with your true essence and let go of unhealthy energies in your life.

Beside the filming / sound quality not being always the best, there is SO MUCH knowledge, wisdom and toughtful information that you can get from this course!! Worry not, if there is something you don't understand, Dev is always available to anwser your question. He is very friendly and genuine

if you are looking for powerful tools to reclaim peace in your life, I definitely recommand this course to you

Dev came into my life at one of the lowest points and through this training I have transformed and been given the greatest gift in order to take this training and this knowledge and share it with others. Devs sense of humor and style of teaching is beautiful and uplifting. The training is self paced so you can access it at your own pace. Before this course I only knew how to meditate through vipassana and guided meditations, after this course I now have a beautiful understanding of many different kinds of meditations and how to teach them to others.

Thank you for your Love Light and Wisdom Dev

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Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 2.26_edited.jpg

All you need to become a teacher of meditation and a beautifully structured training to take you on a magical journey of self discovery through meditation, laughter and dance! I am eternally grateful to Dev and for the deep pure wisdom he has shared! I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to develop themselves and offer the light of meditation with the world.

I started this course not knowing what it would be like, I thought it was going to be just a meditation course but it was more like a self discovery course and a journey within yourself actually making you into a meditation teacher by giving you the power and tools to bring a positive energy to your personality . This course changed me as a person.

thank you so much

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Mukta Badola


The whole 300 hours of the training were very transformational for me and everyone else. I discovered the layers of myself that I didn't even know existed. 
The Meditation Techniques that we practiced were so simple yet so impactful that i felt myself change after each session. I understood the power of meditation and how it can make everything beautiful and so easy.
About Master Dev OM, I could not have asked for a better Mentor to introduce me to the world of spirituality. He's a fountain of knowledge who just keeps on giving. His ways are unconventional, powerful and effective. You will immediately feel like home the moment he starts the class. He explains everything in details, gives you freedom to explore spirituality and yourself in your own way. He enters the class with a very open mind, ready to listen to everyone, ready to accept everyone, ready to answer our questions a thousand times with a constant smile and grace on his face. 

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