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Soulversity Online Meditative Breathwork Master Training

This is your opportunity to embrace the art of Meditative Breathwork. Join us and revolutionize your life, one breath at a time.

"This is a non-traditional and non-religious new age training that is not solely based on Yogic pranayama. It focuses on breathwork meditations from various traditions to grow on the path of meditation and synchronicity. It helps new-comers and advanced meditators grow spiritually”

Master Dev OM

Why choose Master Breathwork Meditation Training?

  • Connect with your authentic self - your inner essence

  • Elevate your energy, and vibrations and enhance self-assurance

  • Ease muscle tension and anxious feelings

  • Enhance concentration and sharpen your focus

  • Stimulate creativity while erasing self-doubt

  • Rejuvenate your nervous system

  • Eliminate sleep troubles

  • Fortify your immune system by enhancing antibodies

  • Learn to release past traumas

  • Learn to guide and support others


5.0 Rated Reviews (Google) 

The course is recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and gives you 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.

Did you know that the average person takes about 23,000 breaths per day without even thinking about it? Breathing is not just an automatic bodily function; it holds immense spiritual power in our lives. Welcome to the Master Training program, where we delve deep into the transformative practice of breathwork and become the master of it.

In this training, we go beyond the simple act of breathing to explore the profound impact conscious breathing can have on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Led by Master Dev OM, this program offers a non- traditional and non-religious new age approach to mastering the art of Meditative Breathwork.

Throughout the training, Master Dev OM will lead and nurture you through each step of the journey. The training environment is one of complete support and non-judgment, where all questions are welcomed and answered with utmost sincerity.


Through real-time guided meditation videos, you will experience various meditations and techniques, both as a seeker and a future teacher. Every aspect of meditation will be explained in detail, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all the practices.


By the end of the training, you will not only have a deep understanding of meditation but also the skills to design, develop, and lead your own breathwork sessions.

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Know Your Mentor- Master Dev OM


Dev OM, a Himalayan yogi and spiritual guide from India is trained directly from Thich-Nhat-Hanh, Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa in mindfulness and spirituality. He has learned various therapies and has also received spiritual development in the ashrams of Maharshi Ramana and Osho.

Dev OM has identified and structured self-discovery tools to address all aspects of human consciousness: spiritual, emotional & mental. He is an internationally acclaimed best-seller author of 12 spiritual and self-help books. 

Since two decades, Dev OM’s path as a Spiritual Guide & Mentor and as an Enhanced Life Coach has assisted thousands of people all over the world to discover their spiritual & life path. His modern and practical techniques involve recognizing one’s full and true potential of creative powers for personal growth and self-evolution. 

His coaching has given clarity, mental peace, focus, and purpose to many. His unique, non-religious, and non-judgemental approach is loved by thousands across the globe. Dev OM starts individual spiritual growth from where one stands in a practical and friendly way!

Training Methodology 

  • The Training is beginner-friendly and starts from the basics of breathwork.

  • The training is flexible and focuses on learning through practice.

  • There will be 100% support and guidance from Master Dev OM towards students throughout and after the training.

  • The training is supportive and non-judgmental. Students can ask any questions, and the Master will answer them.

  • Students will experience meditations and techniques through guided videos streamed through YouTube.

  • Detailed explanations are given for a thorough understanding of meditational breathwork.

  • Students will learn how to create, develop, and lead sessions as a professional.

  • Students are encouraged to share their feelings, insights and questions during the training.

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Course Module, Structure & Fees

Fee: €300
100% Money Back Guarantee, Part Payment Option Available

  • 100hrs: Meditation Teacher Training
    01. Fundamentals of Meditation What is and is not Meditation Meditation – Why to do, What to do, When to do, How to do, How much to do, When to stop & when not to do Science of meditation What meditation brings 5 steps of meditation What is consciousness What is vipassana Blueprint of connecting and receiving divine energy Synchronicity 02. Meditations Covered Guided Meditations Mindfulness Meditations Active & Passive Meditations Chakra Meditations Mantra Meditations Meditative Breathwork Yognidra Master Training Nature 5 Element Meditations Sufi Meditations 03. Chakras & Synchronicity What are chakras What is chakra purpose Our chakra and energy system Energy meridians Chakra Meditations Chakra Beej Mantras Chakra Mudras How to naturally maintain chakra energy Chakra purpose, powers and problems Discover and fix your chakra energy 04. Powerful Energy Tools Self growth techniques Self discovery tools Divine protection system Deepen your meditation practices and meditative energies 05. Self Discovery Practices Aspects of life How to develop a calm and focused mind Emotional gainers and leakers Emotional profiling Discover your own light Understanding true power of love Power of Conscious Communication 06. Fundamentals of Meditation Teaching How to be a professional Practical training to handle the energy of the participants Why teach meditation? Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness with integrity and confidence How to remain in high energy during the training 07. Art of designing & Conducting Workshop Learn to design and develop your own workshop / retreat Learn to design and conduct corporate trainings How to create the group energy How to hold a class/workshop How to motivate people to meditate How to create content and promote How to align participant’s expectations to the delivery How to make them open and connected with the flow of activities Using Openers, Fillers, Core and Closers 08. Special Resources Direct support access Guided meditation scripts and audios Worldwide Meditation Teacher Certification Lifetime Meditation Usage + Group and Individual Teaching License Lifelong group support Meditation Script Books – you will get three books written by Master Dev OM. Master’s Music Library Class Video Recordings Workshop Designs
  • 200hrs: Mindfulness Coach Training
    Everything In 100 hrs Training Plus The Points Given Below: 01. Advance Understanding Of The Path Types of Meditation Traditions – pros and cons Basics of mindfulness coaching Vipassana in detail Path of Love meditation therapy 02. Advanced Meditations Advance Chakra Meditations Gauri Shankar Advance Mindfulness Meditations Emotional Healing Advanced Breathwork Meditations Advance Tantra Individual Meditations Path of Love Meditations 03. Advanced Trainings Master breathwork training Sufi Heartfulness Master Training Meditation Therapy Training Shiva Consciousness Training Advanced Yoga Nidra Training Design residential Mindfulness and Chakra Therapy retreats 04. Advance Self Growth How to protect yourself from negativity Power of contemplation Three rules of life Zero hour Happy sleep Happy wake up 05. Mindfulness Coaching Tools Dealing with fears Dealing with guilts Dealing with inner blocks Dealing with desires Dealing with needs Recognizing the need of letting go Recognizing the inner strengths and using them Removing excess baggage Recognizing your assets and using them Refining/ enhancing your personality and inner being Recognizing the path of progression and growth 06. Compassionate Communication Module Language of Life Conflict resolution Dealing with closed hearts Communication with the Life, Universe, Divine Communication with self Learn effective tools of emotional healing and developing Compassion 07. Design & Conduct Advanced Workshops/ Retreats Design, develop and hold intensive Meditation retreats, Mindfulness retreats, Emotional Wellness retreats, and Chakra Therapy retreats Work as a personal Mindfulness coach and Meditation therapist Experiment with meditative energies and to develop your own meditations
  • 300hrs: Spiritual Coach Training
    Everything In 200 hrs Training Plus The Points Given Below 01. This program will help you in following To connect deeper with yourself on a soul level. To discover your soulpower and your true nature/path/soul purpose. To heal and coach yourself, and then others. To be a guide to others on their soul journey. To always question yourself and get the right answers based on your soul. To get clarity in your life, to be more compassionate, simple, playful, restful, free. To become a pure channel. To see beyond The Matrix. 02. Development of Soul Connection How to develop your inner spiritual being. How to live a soulful life. What is your soulpower and soul purpose/soul path. How to live as a Divine being. What is blocking your soul life. About Divine and Devil inside you. Living pure consciousness. Realizing that you are a light being. 03. Creation of Deep Self Connection Physical, mental and emotional life. What is your vision, passion and core values. Attaining freedom from the past. What is your dharma. How to work with your energy, and how to live an energy based life. True meaning of being rebellious. 04. Speeding up the Transformation Inside out approach and outside in approach. How to surrender to your own transformation. Power of Suchness. Developing Restful Awareness. Developing Playfulness. How to develop synchronicity. How to become free of self drama. How to deal with your ego. How to handle tough situations in your life, how to deal with noise, with low and high moments. How to deal with the past and future, so you can live in the present. How to finish the darkness inside. Simple giving and simple receiving. Developing and receiving unconditional love. Developing Flow energy. You v/s life. About karma and the doer. The difference between Karma and Dharma. The power of your choice. 05. Moksha: Matrix and Beyond Matrix What is the Matrix (Maya) and how to recognise it. Layers in The Matrix. What keeps the Matrix alive. How to become absolutely free. How to live life full of magic and fulfilment within The Matrix. Ways to live in The Matrix as a conscious being. How to be free while living in The Matrix. How to attain ‘Moksha’ 06. Spiritual Coaching Tools Self-enquiry as a master tool. Aspects of how to work on your inner alignment. How to change your cell memory. Bi-directional consciousness. Developing understanding about past, future and present energies. Your communication with life. Developing inner discipline. Zazen – the way of life. Inner fixation. Spontaneous consciousness development. 07. Becoming a True Spiritual Coach Basics of compassionate coaching. Basics and steps of spiritual coaching. In coaching yourself you will learn how to coach others. You will be able to guide others in a non-judgemental manner, working as a pure channel. In order to help others in their transformation, you have to know what this is about, be able to teach and help people from your own experience and example. The beauty and importance of sharing and helping others. How to become a pure channel. How to coach different kinds of people. How to build a path for the person you coach.

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What will you get?

  1. Worldwide Master Breathwork Teacher Certification

  2. Lifetime Breathwork Meditation Usage + Group and Individual Teaching License

  3. Lifelong group support.

  4. Meditation Script – You will get the scripts of all the meditations you will learn during the training.

  5. Workshop Designs – then you will get the actual design for several workshops and retreats based on different ways to apply all the breathwork techniques. For example a breathwork program for corporates, children, women's circle, a workshop for general people, a workshop for emotional wellness and so on.

  6. Authentic and Heartful Teachings – from the renowned meditation masters.

  7. Complete Process – A complete practice, learning, teaching, being inspired by everyone in the group and sharing your inspiration in return.

6 things a seeker should find before registering for a Meditative Breathwork Course?

  • Who is the master of the breathwork training? What is their background? Are they deeply immersed in breathwork meditation practice? (If the instructor isn't deeply committed to breathwork meditations, the energy may not be as profound)

  • Is the instructor easily accessible to you for questions and support during and after the training?

  • Is it a multi-style meditation school, or is it primarily a yoga school that also offers breathwork training? (Yoga-focused schools often emphasize yogic breathing (pranayama) techniques)

  • How many years has the instructor devoted to their breathwork journey, and what experiences have they accumulated?

  • Does the instructor follow a specific tradition or philosophy? Will they encourage you to follow that path, such as Kriya Yoga, Osho, Ashtanga Yoga, Himalayan Yoga tradition, etc.?

  • Engage in a conversation with the instructor. Pose your inquiries. Arrange a video call. Assess if you resonate with their energy and find their responses meaningful. Are they sharing wisdom from personal experience or just academic knowledge?

  • Avoid selecting a course solely based on cost. This training impacts your life energy and transformation. It can shape your future path. Each school's content varies as instructors teach based on their personal journey, experiences, and traditions. So, don't assume all courses offer the same teachings.

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