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A Bit About Us

A Vibrant Learning Environment

We are a Global Conscious Community. Soul University. People’s University. 

We have taught over 200 000 students and created 700+ Teachers, 400+ Mindfulness coaches,  200+ Sufi Trainers, 450+ Master breathwork trainers from 200+ countries in all over the world in last 2 decades. 

Vision of Soulversity

To make Meditation and Spiritual Life a part of every society in every corner of the world. 

Mission of Soulversity

To spread the Light of Meditation, Transformation and Spirituality in every human’s life. To help people to connect with their True Self, to discover themselves, to live Soulful life. 

In order to reach that we offer Meditation Teacher Trainings online and in person, Spiritual Life coaching programs. We offer Bachelor and Master of Meditation, Mindfulness and Spirituality as well. 

Our Goals

Enriching the Lives of Our Students

Our aim is to create a program that engages and interests every single student. We strive to make learning fascinating by helping students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a caring and supportive environment. One of our ways of enriching the educational experience at our University is by staying involved with the San Francisco community. Reach out to learn more.

Our Values

Where Students Come First

With years of experience as educators, we know just what it takes to engage students and prepare them for adult life. Our unique teaching approach makes our students feel valued, respected and appreciated. At Soulversity Univ, we believe in fostering a creative and collaborative experience to help our students reach their full potential and pursue their dreams. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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