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Soulversity Ambassadors

The Light-spreaders of Soulversity.

Who are Community ambassadors?

Soulversity Ambassadors are the channels to spread the Soulversity vision of creating a global family/community of meditators and mindfulness coaches. To provide a safe and well-functioning platform for those who are open to share and those who are open to receive.

  • They are the marketing affiliates to promote the Soulversity platforms and courses.

  • They will be spreading the awareness among seekers during their travels and through online platforms about the existence of Soulversity and motivate people to join the courses.

  • They will be free of any geographical hurdles, they can operate from anywhere in the world, both online and offline, and motivate people belonging to any corner of the world.

  • Ambassadors who motivate people to enroll into Soulversity MTT will receive a share of up to 14% of total enrolment fee once and whenever the student decides to re-enroll in future in any other course.

  • They will invite people to use the app and will get the referral rewards.


How can I earn as a Soulversity ambassadors?



You will get the income opportunity to with this soul job from:


1.    App Referral program earning from new people joining through you.

2.    Up to 14% affiliate share earning.

3.    Trainer earning upto 70% (If you enrol as a trainer also)


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