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Community Managers

The key functioning units of Soulversity.

Who are Community Managers?


Community Managers will serve as the face of the Soulversity Conscious community and its vision. They also serve the 2 way communication bridge between seekers and core team. They will be managing a small community around them and supporting them in their inner journey.


Who can be the chosen one?


  • Meditation Masters who have trained with Master Dev OM and are now keen to share their light through and among Soulversity community.

  • Those who want to contribute their light to their surroundings to change it for the better.

As a Community Manager of Soulversity, one will be responsible for (there will be a support group to help in all tasks):


1. Creating and training a core support group of the local chapter.

2. Planning and organizing the monthly in-person meditation events.

3. Organizing the community meetups along with the support group .

4. Look after Soulversity campuses in their respective area.

5. Help people who want to meditate and join Soulversity, in their respective area and beyond.

6. Spreading the vision of this passionate conscious community.

7. Understanding the need of seekers in their area and design programs accordingly.



How can I earn as a Community Managers?



You will get the income opportunity to with this soul job from:


1.    Profit share earning from paid events

2.    App Referral program earning from new people joining through you.

3.    Upto 14% affiliate share earning.

4.    Trainer earning upto 70% (If you enrol as a trainer also)

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