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Breathwork Master Training TTC - Online

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Did you know that we take over 23,000 breaths a day? How consciously do we breathe? But these breaths are the source of life and allow you to do everything you do every day! Imagine all the energy you release by breathing well. Reconnect with the source of your vitality The breathing master training includes more than 25 meditative breathing techniques. Vijan Bhairav ​​Tantra Techniques, Sufi Breathing, Yoga Breathing, Power Breathing, Zen Breathing, Conscious Breathing and more. These breathing exercises are very powerful and allow the practitioner to develop outer body awareness and inner mindfulness. This is a deep connection. It is also a very effective technique to use in corporate training and dealing with people with mind-body imbalances (stress, anxiety, depression, BPD, bipolar disorder, etc.). Subtlety - energy flow. No one can deny the ego and feel the effects of meditation/mindfulness immediately. This surprisingly simple meditation breathing exercise offers a powerful, quick and effective tool to calm your mind in minutes.

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