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300Hours Online Spiritual Coach Training

  • 29Steps


The program is purely practical and non-religious. It is based on discovering your own being, your soul, your true soul path, on self-transformation, on becoming your own spiritual coach, and helping others on their path. We will be using self-discovery tools, self-questioning, self-growth, and self-expansion. THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP YOU: -To connect deeper with yourself on a soul level. To discover your soulpower and your true nature/path/soul purpose. -To heal and coach yourself, and then others. -To be a guide to others on their soul journey. -To always question yourself and get the right answers based on your soul. -To get clarity in your life, to be more compassionate, simple, playful, restful, free. -To become a pure channel. To see beyond The Matrix.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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