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Course will start upon batch creation.


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Shiva Consciousness Training

This live training with Master Dev OM will be an exquisite exploration of Shiva consciousness, guiding you towards profound self-discovery and expansion of your spiritual awareness.

Shiva Consciousness Training
Shiva Consciousness Training

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Course will start upon batch creation.

Zoom Call

About the event

Shiva Consciousness is the solution to all the chaos in the human minds, life and in this world. Realizing that "I am the Shiva" fulfils the purpose of life.

Have you ever wondered as to "Why I am in this World?", "What is the purpose of my life"?, "What is the way to have a completely fulfilling life"?  Well, Shiva-Consciousness is the answer. Remember, every human is Shiva. Lord Shiva gave such simple solutions to achieve Truth-Consciousness-Bliss and complete fulfilment in life that anyone a bit aware of himself can practice and achieve.

Shiva Consciousness Training – The Alchemy of Shiva Sutras 

Shiva-Sutras are the sutras for life and evolution. Lord Shiva's teachings for human consciousness, human life, fulfilment and oneness.

In this training, Master Dev OM will guide you on a profound journey into the depths of Shiva consciousness.  Shiva, the embodiment of cosmic consciousness and divine energy, holds immense wisdom and power. Through meditation techniques and ancient practices, you'll learn to tap into this divine energy within yourself.

Master Dev OM, a renowned spiritual guide and meditation expert, brings years of experience and a deep understanding of Shiva's consciousness. He will lead you through a series of meditative practices, breathing exercises, and visualizations that will help you connect with your inner self and awaken your dormant potential.

Join the course to attain Shiva's Consciousness 

This course takes you through the structured process of awareness, synchronicity, and realizing the Shiva Consciousness within. That way it helps to complete your seeking. This includes guided meditations, energy tips, and techniques, practices for awareness development, how to stop energy leakages, How to communicate with the Divine, How to produce your inner stream of ‘Light’ and experience the ‘Being of Light’.

Glimpses – from the Shiva-Consciousness Course: 

Lord Shiva says that spiritual effort – ‘Udhyam’ is the glory of your Being – ‘Bhairava’. Here spiritual effort means any action or activity that is done for spiritual progress or upliftment of consciousness. An act is done on three levels- what you think, what you feel, and what you do. These three levels create your ‘Karma’. If you are completely unified on all these levels for your spiritual progress then it is called ‘Udhyam’. Udhyam does not cause karma to get created. Usually, you keep doing things and karma keeps forming, whether those actions are good or bad. But if that is a spiritual effort then it is on the level of consciousness. It is not at the level of the body or this world. It is maintained at the level of consciousness in this existence. Therefore it does not cause any Karma to be formed. Therefore I repeatedly ask everyone to remain focused on their inner growth. Your actions, thoughts, and feelings should be unifiedly directed toward inner growth. Therefore the word ‘Udhyam’; spiritual effort is used here. And none other than Lord Shiva can tell such a thing in such a simple manner. He has told everything in so little.


A yogi engulfed in worldly attachments may get psychic powers but not self-realisation. A person who does any work inspired by the desires or if his ‘Sadhna’ (spiritual practice) is inspired by the ambitions and worldly attachments to attain psychic powers then Shiva calls him a yogi engulfed in worldly attachments. This means that if you are doing any ‘Sadhna’ motivated by expectations, whatever it may be, a mantra or any sort of fasting, it is a ‘Sadhna’ covered by worldly attachments. The upper limit of that ‘Sadhna’ will be a reflection of that desire and will not go beyond that. It may be some other desire like ‘I should become such a powerful yogi that light emanates from my Aagya-chakra’, ‘I can see the light’ or ‘I can lift myself in the air’. Many meditators fall prey that they may attain different psychic/divine powers, reading others' minds for that matter. But if you entangle in the charm of these psychic powers then you yourself create obstacles in your path of spiritual growth and become your own enemy. You may get these powers but not the self-realisation which is your ultimate objective. You’ll find yourself stuck there.


Your self-awareness is your soul. The source, which awakens the inner inspiration for your workability, is your soul. First, we understood that “Mind is the Mantra”. We learned that we can get inspiration for our workability from two levels. The first one is egocentric psycho-consciousness and the other one is soul-centric psycho-consciousness. When we start getting inspiration for our workability from soul-centric psycho-consciousness instead of egocentric psycho-consciousness then we set ourselves on the path of growth.

The same thing is expressed here that the soul is the generating source of our workability. Whatsoever we do, comes from our mind. But our mind is usually affected by external factors. And when we become a spiritual practitioner, a Sadhak, then our mind begins to get influenced by inner factors in place of external factors. It then unifies itself with the soul. Then soul starts to function in place of the outer-trained mind and starts giving you inspiration for workability. Subsequently, the soul takes over the mind. Once this happens, you no longer live a shallow life but start living a life of depth. Then the inner depth as well as mightiness increase.

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