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Master in Spirituality, Meditation & Mindfulness


2 years + 2 years of (Parallel) Internship | Up to 30 months of support


Masters: €4800 (Plan - €220x24) | Masters + Internship: €6000 (Plan - €270x24)

About the Course

The certificate is recognised by Yoga Alliance International.

One year of - Bachelor in Meditation & Mindfulness


One year of - Bachelor in Spirituality


Master in Spirituality, Meditation & Mindfulness (Teaching+ST)

/ Master in Spirituality, Meditation & Mindfulness (Self Transformation)

  • It is two years program, which you can do online and hybrid (online + in person).

Online program: you will get all the material - online videos of real classes, meditation scripts, books from Master Dev OM, access to the music library. You will be given homework and assignments, and you will get all the support and guidance to complete your assignments. Once in a week you will meet online with the Master and with all the people, who are doing this program at the same time. You will get personal counseling sessions during the program as well.

You will have support during the program from:

·      Faculties

·      Your personal student coordinator

·      From online support group

·      From Master Dev OM himself,

·      From Soulversity Campuses worldwide

Note: At Soulversity Campuses and on online support group - you can connect other students, ask questions, meet, share, meditate together.

Hybrid Mode: Online program + in person

1.     Possibility to attend the in-person 10/20/30 days training with Master Dev OM in India/Europe. It can be done 10 day per semester also. You will be having intense classes 6 hours per day. After that you will be spending time with the group or individually working on yourself.

2.     Zen School Internship - You get opportunity to live near Master Dev OM with the Sangha/Community doing your studies/practices and getting direct guidance from him. This can be from 1 week to 3 months depending on the availability of the space. This work on self-sustenance basis and when you stay for more than 2 weeks then you may also be allotted some contribution work.

Zen School Internship highlights:

  • Learn direct from the Master by living near him, asking your questions.

  • Get the qualities from Master by working with him or living near him.

  • Work directly with the Master and learn the new ways of working in a community.

  • Get direct guidance from him about your life issues.

  • Develop unshakable awareness in you.


Business and Marketing Module Highlights

  • Online Marketing and Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Growth Mindset

  • Running effective ad


About the program:

The program is pure practical and non-religious. It is based on meditations from different traditions and self discovery tools.

What will you learn:

  • Meditations from different traditions:

  • Sufi

  • Buddhist

  • Yogic

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathwork

  • Meditations from Lord Shiva

  • Sound

  • Chakra healing

  • Nature elements

  • Self discovery tools.

  • Self healing/self help techniques.

  • How to work with your energies. And how to live a life based on energy.

  • How to design your own classes, workshops an to hold retreats.

  • How to hold personal sessions.

  • Importance of deeper connection with yourself, Universe, others

Internship Master in Spirituality, Meditation and Mindfulness.

During the Internship, you would get personal hand holding by Master and Soulversity team where ever required up to 30 months from your sign up. This will help you to achieve:

·       Practical implementation of the knowledge you are receiving through the training program.

·       Developing a sustained and growth oriented self-practice regime.

·       Developing a confident approach towards creating your own business or work flow that includes marketing finance growth

·       Learning and using all the digital marketing tools and stuff

·       A step by step guidance to create and establish your own business including websites, Online presence, digital marketing, general marketing, administration etc.

·       You will become part of Soulvesrity Global resource pool which will help you if various requirement of running your successful business.

·       You will get a chance to become part of Soulversity Global network of professionals working in the field of mental/emotional health, life coaching, spiritual coaching, meditation and mindfulness.


In the 2 years of Internship –

You will develop:

  • 20 meditation workshops (all mixed time limit and subjects)

  • 3 retreats (3 days and 7 days long)

  • 3-5 personal coaching programs (meditation and mindfulness)

With the help of Soulversity team/independently.


Internship highlights:

  • You will learn the meditations and immediately apply it practically on yourself and on others.

  • During your internship you will immediately get insights about what is your path, what do you like to do, which direction you want to go and for other existential questions.

  • You have all the support from Master himself, Faculty, Personal student coordinator, Online support group, Soulversity campuses.

  • You will learn how to become independent and create your own business.

  • You will be able to create digital marketing structure (you will get all the support in that).

  • You will experience the beauty of sharing and helping others.

  • In helping others you will discover a lot about yourself and you will grow.




Your Instructor

Master Dev OM

Master Dev OM

Dev OM, a Himalayan yogi and spiritual guide from India is trained directly from Thich-Nhat-Hanh, Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa in mindfulness and spirituality. He has learned various therapies and has also received spiritual development in the ashrams of Maharshi Ramana and Osho.

Dev OM has identified and structured self-discovery tools to address all aspects of human consciousness: spiritual, emotional & mental. He is an internationally acclaimed best seller author of 12 spiritual and self-help books.

Since two decades, Dev OM’s path as a Spiritual Guide & Mentor and as an Enhanced Life Coach has assisted thousands of people all over the world to discover their spiritual & life path. His modern and practical techniques involve recognising one’s full and true potential of creative powers for personal growth and self-evolution.

His coaching has given clarity, mental peace, focus and purpose to many. His unique, non-religious and non-judgemental approach is loved by thousands across the globe. Dev OM starts individual spiritual growth from where one stands in a practical and friendly way!

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