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Soulversity Campus/Franchise

Turn your place into a space that oozes divine light and positive energy.

These campuses are Meditation/yoga schools or spiritual/healing centres run by our masters. They offer Soulversity programs and support worldwide.


Existing Soulversity campuses:

  • Main Campus India: Rishikesh, Goa

  • Other Campus India: Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad

  • UK: London, Richmond, Kent, Cardiff

  • Ireland: Dublin

  • Switzerland: Lausanne

  • Germany: Dusseldorf, Munich

  • France: Paris

  • Portugal: Lisbon

  • Canada: Montreal

  • USA: New Jersey, Washington DC, Los Angeles

  • Peru: Lima

  • Brazil: Rio De Janeiro

  • Costa Rica: San Jose

  • Malaysia : KL


Vision of Soulversity Campuses

To become a representative of Soulversity and to create physical places in every corner in the world, where the people, who are on the same path, can:

  • Meet, share their stories, meditate together, discover themselves, receive spiritual growth and transformation.

  • Create new projects related with meditation, mindfulness and spiritual progression.

  • Discovering ways to live conscious life.

  • Can meet, hug, laugh, dance and enjoy the simple togetherness and one great non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone is absolutely welcome and accepted as they are.

  • Learn how to live a meditative life, live in a community, support each other.

  • A place where other Soulversity Trainers organize their classes, courses, workshops, retreats and sessions.

  • Come together and spread the light of meditation, transformation, spirituality and conscious living into the world. 

Purpose of Soulversity Campuses

To spread the Light of Meditation and Transformation in creating communities in every city in the world. To support people, who are on their spiritual journey, on their transformation. To motivate people to meditate, to change their lives for the better. 


Your place can become a Soulversity Campus (after attending a 2 days long preparation course):

1. If you have attended one of the training at Soulversity, online or in person.

2. If you run a yoga/meditation school or a spiritual community. 

3. If your vision and purpose of life matches with us. 


What possibilities you get as Soulversity Campus:

  • To become a hub of the community/sangha meet ups and activities. 

  • Become a place for the yearly Soulversity Tribe meetup fest.

  • To become a place for organizing the classes for the people, who are seeking Bachelor or Master program in Meditation and Spirituality at Soulversity. 

  • To offer Soulversity online and in person programs in an structured manner. 

What we expect you to offer as Soulversity Campus:

  • Meditation classes

  • Meditation workshops

  • Meditation retreats

  • Life coaching

  • Spiritual Life coaching

  • Yoga classes (if you already have an education for that)

How can I earn as a Soulversity Campus?

You will get the income opportunity to with this soul job from:

1.    Profit share earning from Soulversity paid in-person events

2.    Faculty/students program support earning

3.    Meetups earning

4.    Earning by offering your classes to Soulversity community build around the campus

5.    App Referral program earning from new people joining through you.

6.    Upto 14% affiliate share earning.

7.    Trainer earning – up to 70% (If you enrol as a trainer also).


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