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100 Days to Mindfulness & Inner Abundance

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This course consists of daily contemplations compiled from Mystic Dev OM's teachings that he learnt and understood within initial 12 years of his spiritual awareness journey. These learnings are compiled in such a manner that if one uses them as suggested then it activates their spontaneous growth in all aspects of life, How to use it Contemplate on the daily teaching several times in a day and relate it with your life Remain in the remembrance of the same for the whole day Try to implement it for the whole day. Rate it in the evening or next day according to how much you are able to implement it. Make a notebook and give yourself stars everyday for your status with that day's practice Give one for least implemented, two for implemented half of the times and three in case of fully implemented. Don't bother about how much you are able to make it. Just keep moving on to the next day. These wisdom teachings carry overall growth effect. As you progress, you will be able to implement more and will feel more empowered and grown in relation with the previous teachings. Once you complete all 200 teachings restart from day 1 again This time you will better the implementation levels If you already have 3 stars fill from previous time then recheck the level within and skip it. After finishing restart it. You need to reach to 3 stars on all teachings

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