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The building blocks of Soulversity Community

Who can be the chosen one?


Co-founders are individuals from any part of the world:

  • Who resonate with the vision of Soulversity and share the dream of making and living in a conscious world.

  • Who want to be a part and lead this global ‘Revolution of Evolution’.

  • Who want to spread the light and beauty of meditation to the world.

  • Who don’t just want to complain about what is bad or how the darkness of herd/bound mentality is spread everywhere, but want to take action to do their bit.

  • Who want to walk their talk. Who want to make some changes in themselves and around.

  • Who want to make this earth a beautiful place to live for all.

  • Who share this dream of bringing simple love, simple trust, simple connection and simple support back in people’s life.


What it means to be a Co-Founder?


1.    You as a co-founder will invest some money in Soulversity and will be allotted shares to receive the profit percentage every quarter according to your investment. (it depends on how much money you want to invest)

 2.    You will be listed as Co-Founder under the profile section of Soulversity app and portal.

 3.    You will get a Co-Founder badge on your membership profile on Soulversity app and portal.  

 4.    You can call yourself as Soulversity Co-Founder in your profiles on different platforms and have visiting cards.

 5.    You can be allotted an official email like

 6.    You will become part of Human Library.

 7.    You can chose to play any role in Soulversity (Community Manager, Faculty, Trainer, Ambassador)

8.    You will be the ‘Inner Circle of Soulversity Global Conscious Tribe’.

9.    You will be given preference and full support for running a Soulversity campus or a Soulversity conscious community in your city/country if you want.

10. Master Dev OM will be sharing his vision efforts, energies through you and will be directly available to you always.


How can I earn as a Co-Founder?

1.    It might be just that soul job you always wanted to find.

 2.    You will get the income opportunity to support your life with this soul job from:

  a.    Co-founder’s Profit share.

b.    Community Manager referral program earning.

c.     Ambassador – 14% affiliate share earning.

d.    Faculty earning

e.    Trainer earning upto 70%



How much I should Invest?

Co-Founders need to make investment of Euros 10,000 or more.

1 - As on 26 Aug 2023 - This will get them 0.8929% share on the valuation of Euro 11,20,000

2. For getting 1% the investment would be Euros 11,200

3. Only 5% is available for open investment.

Another special category:

  • Founding members - with the investment of 1,000 Euros or more.

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