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Sufi Heartfulness Meditation TTC Online

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Sufi, The Way of Life - With Love, Prayer and Celebration. Sufi - People on the Way! For a Sufi, life is a continuous celebration. Love and dance is prayer, and a life of prayer is the way to God. In Sufism you don't find God one fine day after completing your sadhna. In fact, in Sufism you experience God from day one. Living under God's grace and guidance in itself constitutes your sadhna. In Sufism, love and respect become your foundation of life. 'Purity - Authenticity - Grace' will become your basis for functioning in life. Thus the whole life turns into a prayer - a connection with the Divine, God, the Almighty!! And Sufi experiences Oneness!! Begin this beautiful and wonderful journey of inner health, empowerment and divinity. Sufi Noor, Zikr - Circle of Light meditation program is designed by Master Dev OM, Sufi mystic and Zen to give everyone simple and powerful energetic tools to experience higher levels of life, energies, emotions and divinity. He says that the entire universe is made of 'Noor/Light'; therefore everyone is a 'being of light'. They just need to realize it. The Sufi path along with Sufi meditations is the best way to realize this. The Being of Light is cleansed of negativities; attracts other 'light beings' to life; invites abundance, lasting peace and joy in life; it undergoes a spontaneous flow of growth and development in all dimensions.

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